Darren dusts himself off. Martin Vousden on The Open

Thought for the Day Never test the depth of the water with both feet Cockles of the heart warmed all round It was emphatically not the most dramatic Open Championship ever – once Dustin Johnson knocked it OB at Suez the destiny of the claret jug was pretty much sealed – but by heaven it… read more →

Bill’s Open blog. Signing off

Literally as our final shift started the heavens opened and we got absolutely soaked. One of the ladies on our team celebrated her 20th birthday today. We did not see any cakes!!! There is an end of term feeling amongst not only the team but all of the ancillary staff who have been operating behind… read more →

Bill’s Open blog day 6

What a dreadful day weather wise, but you will have seen that yourselves on T.V., I spent the morning in various spots around the course as my shift did not start until 3 p.m. I am pleased to report that Larry dahling did turn up after his filming stint yesterday and has not changed a… read more →

Bills Open blog day 5

There is something calming about early mornings by the sea side watching the sea lap gently on the shore as the sun rises. Mind you the alarm going off at 4.15 had already shattered our inner calm. A 5.30 a.m. start saw our happy crew wrapped up against an early morning chill; it wasn’t too… read more →

Bill’s daily Sandwich. And they’re OFF!

It is the 1st day of competition at the 140th Open, at last – game on. For those looking for an omen – on our way in this morning we passed a bus numbered N50 going to …. Westwood. All of the cones, road signs that have been lying around all week are now firmly… read more →

A bit of advance news…

We have something new up our sleeves. You know how the GoKart has a speed roller? Of course you do, you twiddle with it all the way round the golf course, don’t you?  Well so did we, until recently. For a while now we’ve been developing a system that does away with any sort of… read more →