£38 of accessories for FREE!

UPDATE 01/08/11. Sorry, this offer has ended now. You can still take advantage of our £20 off ‘bundle offer’ when you buy a GoKart with two accessories. Click here for more details For a very limited time, we’re giving away our two most popular accessories with every new GoKart electric golf trolley. Worth £38 (ROI… read more →

Martin Vousden in an Open frame of mind

Thought for the Day Never accept a drink from an urologist Youth is wasted on the young It was Lee Trevino, inevitably, who came up with a quote that kept repeating itself in my head as I watched young Rory stroll to a stunning US Open victory. The Merry Mexican once hung on for a… read more →

Sainsburys get it very right.

We’re big fans of looking after customers, so when we saw the story about the little girl who wrote to them and got a proper reply, it made us smile;

Martin Vousden just back from the bookies.

Thought for the Day Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard? If it ain’t broke, time to fix it With the US Open due to start in just over a week it is inevitable that thoughts turn towards the likely contenders yet one name that should be mentioned but will not feature in any list of… read more →