What have Sergio, Seve and Tiger’s dog got in common?

Answer, this weeks Vousden Column: Thought for the day Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines Buddy, can you spare me a putt? We either like, dislike or are indifferent to golfers for any number of reasons – some valid and some simply the result of a personal predilection that can’t… read more →

Get your leotard out and dust off the Yoga mat…

Do you remember last year we brought you the Yoga for Golf series, to get you fit and bendy ready for the new season? Well you know we only have your best interests at heart. We just want your handicap to tumble and have you out on the golf course lots and lots. And you… read more →

Ollie Ollie Ollie!

We can hear it now. And what a good choice to Captain our Ryder Cup team in 2012. In fact, you predicted that he’d be the Man in our recent poll where he got 56% of the votes, beating Darren Clarke (22%) and Sandy Lyle on (13%) with Sergio and various others taking the rest… read more →

And the winner is….

Lee Westwood! In the GoKart electric golf trolley website poll, we asked who is the GoKart Sports Personality of the Year? 64% of visitors voted for Lee and 36% voted for Graeme McDowell. But don’t get too upset GMac! If you start feeling down just go and polish that bloody great US Open trophy, or… read more →

Vousden on Tiger, Streisand and the Villegas incident

Thought for the Day If the world were a logical place, men would ride sidesaddle How the Mighty are Fallen As if Tiger Woods doesn’t have enough problems, news comes from America that paying top sports stars to endorse your products is almost certainly a waste of money, and that the biggest celebrity no-no is… read more →