Vousden’s View

Dull and Duller Be honest, do you have any idea about what is currently happening in the FedEx Cup playoffs, or any interest, come to that? The playoffs, as you will recall with absolute clarity, are the US Tour’s end of season big money jamboree and were designed to inject a little zest and hype… read more →

Here, there and everywhere!

We recently took a couple of  GoKarts for walkies away from their usual patch (Canterbury) – brownie points and maybe a couple of Titleists if you can say where we were.  And we’ll chuck in a couple more if you can say the hole and the course.

The GoKart Swiss Army Knife

We now have a bottle/can holder for the GoKart. This means that, accessory-wise, if you buy a GoKart, you’ve got a place to put your bevvy, your brolly and your botty. What are you waiting for?

Happy Birthday to the King.

Nicknamed the King, Arnie has always had a devoted Army. And we’re very much signed up members. Happy Birthday Mr. Palmer. We owe our mispent youths to you, and at least three school detentions for bunking off to watch you in action. All worth it. If you have a comment about this item, please click… read more →

Ringo Waterhouse

Mr Waterhouse, presumably inspired by the release yesterday of the remastered versions of all the Beatles albums on CD, has released his RingoKart If you have a comment about this item, please click the “add a comment” button below. If you have a question for us about anything else, please click here to send us a… read more →