Easter winner – who got the free GoKart?

Who needs chocolate? It seems the only thing better than a GoKart is a FREE GoKart! Well according to John A. of Preston, Lancs.  Recently we had a draw where you could have your purchase price refunded if you ordered in the run up to Easter and over the hols. John was the first out… read more →

Unauthorised alterations to GoKarts

GoKart Police here.  You know we have eyes everywhere. Every now and again we come across a trolley that’s been pimped in some way.  You know the sort of thing – drop handlebars, diamante finish, go faster (faster than a GoKart?) stripes. But this takes the biscuit. A very hi-tech addition courtesy of Bill Waite.… read more →

GoKart Golf Bag now on sale

We’ve just taken delivery of our first shipment of golf bags. They look great.  We keep looking at the four different colours on the trolleys and can’t decide which looks best; they’re all brill.  Apart from looking pretty good, they’re good, practical bags with well thought out features.  And with a price tag of £69… read more →

Masters winner walks off with a GoKart

No not Angel (although he can have one if he wants, what a lovely guy) but Gerry C. from Methven, Scotland. He already has a GoKart but when we told him he’d won, Gerry explained “That’s great! I play golf on a island and I have to leave all my kit there. I can have… read more →

Masters -Reserve your armchair now.

The starting times and pairings are in. Well we’re ready. We have the TV schedule handy – take a look here because those nice people at Golf Monthly have worked it all out – click here. We’ve tuned the office radio into Five Live, and it’s TV dinners from Thursday to Sunday. So Woosie’s first… read more →

830 metre par three…

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