Now this is what we like…

Nice to see a bit of style on a Sunday morning. With thanks to Lee, Lee and Kyle. And we’d love to see more snaps of GoKarts in situ…ooooh we can feel a gallery coming on….send ’em in please! Prizes will be awarded for creativity, fancy dress or just plain stupidity…

Be ready with your hedgehogs.

It seems like the soggy conditions are setting in early and some courses are imminently insisting on players using hedgehog wheels on trolleys. We, and lots of GoKart owners, trialled these last winter and they worked a treat.

Ryder Cup Poll Result

In our latest poll 6% of voters said Europe had no chance of winning the Ryder Cup. Which just goes to prove…there’s more Americans looking at our site than we thought. Well played USA (grrr)

Ryder Cup Result (sob)

Well, we lost and, as Mutley might have said “Sassafrassarassum Rick Rastardly”. But never mind, it’ll soon be twenty ten, and we’ll get ’em back At least we had the best player of the matches in the European team with Ian Poulter. Talking of which, we had a number of correct entries to our competition… read more →