Free GoKart Transit Bag

Buy a GoKart before Christmas and get a transit bag, worth £19, FREE If you buy a GoKart electric trolley in November and December, we’ll put our transit bag in the box free of charge. The bag is dead useful at this time of year – stops your car boot getting muddy, so don’t delay,… read more →

Anyone else agree?

“If it’s possible the small catch that releases the main top handle would benefit from being highlighted green.” Derek M

New GoKart ad Campaign

Here’s our new style magazine advert. The previous campaign was designed to introduce the new GoKart brand. What it didn’t do too well was show off the product very effectively. With this series of ads, we made the GoKart the star. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge

Craig Stadler

“Why am I using a new putter? Because the last one didn’t float too well.”  

GoKart Entered for ID Annual Design Review

This is an American magazine that has been published since 1954, and covers all aspects of design; the art, the culture and business. As the current holder of the British Plastics Award Consumer Product of the Year, and the Horners Award, the GoKart is on roll (as fast as it’s little wheels will go), so… read more →


“An interesting thing about golf is that no matter how badly you play, it is always possible to get worse”