Looking after the GoKart

How to keep a GoKart happy.
There’s not a lot to do really. You’ll get extra brownie points (as well as longer battery life) if you charge your battery quickly after you play. When it’s mucky, give it a clean up to avoid any build up of mud. But apart from that, just use it lots.

Charging is simple. For our lead/acid batteries, just put your battery on charge and leave it connected all the time you’re not playing. The charger is a clever little chap – operating automatically in three modes, it gives a fast and efficient charge, empathising beautifully with your battery and delivering exactly the right length of charge to make their life together a long and happy one. If you have two batteries, you should use them in rotation (not just for Sunday best…).

Charging a lithium battery is very similar, but it’s best not to leave it permanently charging between uses. Just charge it up as soon as you can after use, and then take it off the charger the next day. Don’t worry, it’ll stay fully charged for a few weeks.

The GoKart won’t rust or scratch, it won’t fade or discolour. You’ll be pristine year after year after year.

GoKart electric golf trolley