Martin Vousden on New Rules and Tiger’s Back

May 02 2017

Thought for the Day
Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them one day.

Sanity breaks out
It has, admittedly, taken a while but recently there has been clear, incontrovertible evidence that the R&A and USGA have finally started reacting to events at something other than a glacial pace. As the governing bodies for the rules of golf worldwide, they belatedly recognised that the rules were far too cumbersome, nit-picky and incomprehensible. As a consequence they have released a set of proposals, to be introduced in January 2019, which should be welcomed by golfers everywhere.

Not only that, whenever an event at a televised pro tournament causes a bit of a stir, they have started to respond almost immediately (well, within a few weeks or months, which is pretty rapid by their standards) to clarify existing rules or, more pertinently, introduce new interpretations and judgments.

Rules of Golf

The catalyst would appear to be Dustin Johnson’s win at last year’s US Open, when he was belatedly penalised one stroke because his ball moved on the 3rd green – having been told at the time by the walking official that there was no penalty, he was then given the bad news of the retrospective punishment seven holes later, as he was playing the 12th. Consequently, from January 1st this year, (more…)

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Wesley Bryan Might Give Up The Day Job Now…

Apr 17 2017

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Vousden on the Masters

Apr 04 2017

Thought for the Day
Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together

Picking the winner of the Masters is often the most difficult bit of prognostication of the year. Because it’s the season’s first major we have had comparatively little time to size up the runners and riders, and there’s something about driving down Magnolia Lane to that superb clubhouse that turns the legs of otherwise hardened pros to jelly and their bowels to water.

Augusta Clubhouse

Except this year. Dustin Johnson has, for the last nine months, been playing at a level of such sustained excellence that he’s a shoo-in to get his first green jacket. He has always hit the ball further than most of us travel on holiday but he now matches that long game with superb work on and around the greens. In addition he has that slow, easy walk of a cowboy and gives the impression that his pulse never rises above 48 beats per minute. With all that in his favour, how could he possibly not win?

Well… Unfortunately he has history when it comes to (more…)

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2017 Golf Bags in Stock

Mar 13 2017

Prior to getting the posh studio shots made, here are some quick happy snaps to show you our latest golf bag. Please ignore the photos currently shown in the web shop; they show last year’s model. We’re pleased with these; they look really nice. Click here to buy.

2017 GoKart Golf Bag

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Martin Vousden on Simon Hobday

Mar 06 2017

Thought for the Day
Don’t think of cost.  Think of value

Had you ever seen Simon Hobday amble down a fairway you would probably not have been impressed – words like ‘scruffy’, ‘unkempt’ and ‘shambolic’ would probably have sprung to mind. But then you might watch him swing a golf club and be forced to revise your opinion because his swing was so pure, so perfect that it is the template on which David Leadbetter is believed to base his teaching. Simon died at the beginning of this month but he leaves a lot of memories.

Simon Hobday

Nick Price, a fellow Zimbabwean, said that Hobday and Lee Trevino were the greatest ball strikers he had ever seen. Speaking in a Golf Digest interview in November ’03 he was asked who was best and said: ‘There are two, actually. Simon Hobday is one of them, definitely. Trevino was mesmerising on the practice tee. You can always tell a pure ball-striker by the (more…)

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Martin Vousden Starts up the year

Feb 06 2017

Thought for the Day
Silence is sometimes the best answer

If you’re feeling bold, try this exercise
Before the golf season on either side of the Atlantic gets into full-steam-ahead mode and you have a chance to study a bit of form, jot down on a piece of paper who you think will win the four majors of 2017. After the US PGA see how accurate your predictions were – not just whether or not you picked a winner (which is very unlikely) but where in the field your nomination came. If all four of your picks make the cut you will have done well, if any of them record a top-10 finish you deserve a pat on the back and if you do manage to plump for a winner, champagne should be ordered.


Now try and do the same with the women’s majors – and congratulations if you even know what they are. If you’re feeling really cocksure now try and predict not only the outcome of the Presidents, Solheim and Walker Cups, but the final points score, and the highest point scorer on either side. Finally, if you’re really feeling lucky, punk (more…)

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