Well here we go again! Are you up for a bit of a challenge?

Mar 30 2010

“I kept within the ‘Divorce Quota”…just!”
No he doesn’t mean too much time spent at the club – he’s talking about our Christmas Quiz. Infuriating, exasperating and a whole lot of fun, we did rather take over people’s lives for a while there.

So, all you masochists out there, we’ve gone and done it again.  Announcing the GoKart Grand Summer Puzzle. Running from Easter until September, we GUARANTEE you will be hooked.  It’s even more addictive than the smell of a brand new golf glove (does that sound wrong?  But it’s true isn’t it!)

So dive in, try a level or two and soon you’ll be in the thick of it, begging for redemption.  Don’t worry, there’s a support forum where trained puzzle therapists are poised ready to talk you through it.  Just get through the levels and email us at the end with the final answer. You’ll emerge older, wiser, and (maybe) you’ll even win a GoKart at the end.

Enjoy. And please don’t hate us (too much). Click here to go to the puzzle

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