How to use a GoKart video

Aug 30 2012

The GoKart out of the box video…

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5 Comments on “How to use a GoKart video”

  • 5. David Woodward Says:

    Very good and informative video to explain very clearly how to assemble use manual and automatic GoKart impressed and will definately be buying one asap

  • 4. john tovey Says:

    love my go kart but its starting to look outdated,in this futuristic world I am surprised go kart haven’t come up with hover trolley.Never have trolley ban again whatever the weather

  • 3. Andy Carmichael Says:

    I have had my Gokart 7 years and the performance of the kart and service from the team is outstanding. I have just had my kart serviced and upgraded to automatic, it is like brand new and has 2 year warranty.If anyone is looking for a new golf trolley you would not be dissapointed with Gokart. Consider the automatic its great feature.

  • 2. Martin Corcoran Says:


    Very happy with my Go Kart. Just one minor suggestion/thought – i play on a hilly course. A small brake would be ideal to ensure the kart does creep anywhere unintended.

    Ditto to all the Customer Services plaudits too date

    Happy Christmas to all at Go- Kart


  • 1. Gwyn Williams Says:

    It really is as easy as shown.
    I’ve had mine for nearly two years now, and would with no hesitation recommend it.

    And IF you should ever require after sales service….Go-Kart is second to none.