GoKart Golf Bag now on sale

Apr 17 2009

We’ve just taken delivery of our first shipment of golf bags. They look great.  We keep looking at the four different colours on the trolleys and can’t decide which looks best; they’re all brill.  Apart from looking pretty good, they’re good, practical bags with well thought out features.  And with a price tag of £69 plus p&p how can you resist?   For more info, please click here


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15 Comments on “GoKart Golf Bag now on sale”

  • 15. GoKart Says:

    Hi Jackie, yes the all black stealth bag will be available mid April. If he needs his trolley now, give us a call and we’ll arrange to send the bag for no extra carriage when it’s in; 01227 712288

  • 14. Jackie Grist Says:

    Hello again GoKart, I am now considering buying a brand spanking new trolley for my golf mad hubby, I notice that you now have an “all black” one which I know he would love, but I can’t find an “all black” bag to match in the shop. Can you tell me if you will be introducing matching bags for your new colour ranges and what will the price be if they are not in the sale. Ta awfully

  • 13. GoKart Says:

    Hi Anne, yes we’ll put some more varied photos on the site, you’re right it needs a bit more detail – but to answer your question quickly; there is a bottom loop and top velcro fastening to hold your brolly (on the rare occasions in the country when it’s not in use).

  • 12. Anne Morgan Says:

    Thinking about buying a golf bag but you don’t say where my umbrella would go when not in use. Most golf bags have somewhere to put a brolly – doesn’t yours? Can you also have fewer of the same pictures in different colours and show us more of the bag from different angles to demonstrate it more clearly.

    Thank you

  • 11. GoKart Says:

    Have a look here:

  • 10. Roy Bright Says:

    Please shiow details of the bag. can’t see from your picture

  • 9. wendy duncan Says:

    Just taken my new bag out today and I am very pleased with it. Its light and has conveniently placed pockets. Particularly like the two handles for lifting the bag onto the trolley and the putter holder is very convenient.
    Looking forward to the umbella holders coming back into stock.

  • 8. Peter Aynsley Says:

    Very pleased with my new bag. Well done GoKart!

  • 7. GoKart Says:

    Peter, yes there’s a carry strap – useful for quick trips to range etc…and the weight of the bag minus all your clobber is 3.2kg.

  • 6. Peter Wood Says:

    Call me Neddy Nitpicker by all means, but could you tell me whether there is a shoulder strap (to enable me to carry the bag if the trolley should get poorly, perish the thought), and also what does the empty bag weigh (in kg)? The second query is for travel reasons.

    The barrow is going well. I had a front wheel jam yesterday, when a stone got caught up behind the mudguard, but a firm blow with a 7 iron solved the problem.


  • 5. Phil Kay Says:

    What a bag!!! Ordered mine yesterday morning, arrived at work at 7:15am this morning and it was sat there waiting for me. Quality service.

    The bag looks excellent. Obviously i haven’t used it yet but it has everything you will need for a good afternoon on the course. Loads of pockets and well designed. Love the way the umbrella holder is at the front. Makes such a change.

    I would highly recommend this for anyone with a Go Kart.

    Well done!

  • 4. GoKart Says:

    Yes, there’s a top raincover for the golf bag; just attaches via those studs you can see in the photo.

  • 3. Mr Robert Pohlinger Says:

    Is a rain cover included, I note studs exist on top/sides for attachment?

  • 2. GoKart Says:

    Hi Mary,
    The carriage cost for the bag would be an extra £10, so £14.

  • 1. mary gillan Says:

    How much is delivery to n ireland for the bag