Get a free GoKart this Easter

Mar 27 2009

Fewer calories than chocolate. But a bit chewier.

All orders placed between the 23rd March and the end of the Easter break (midnight Easter Monday) will go into a draw, and the lucky winner will have their purchase price of a trolley completely refunded.

Well, we’re happy because the clocks are going forward, we’ve got four days of golf lined up, and you never know, the sun might just shine (a bit). So all things considered we thought we’d like to spread a little sunshine of our own.

So if you (or a friend)  are  seriously considering a GoKart but taking a little time to decide, dive on in and place your order before the end of the hols. We’ll announce the winner by Wednesday 15th April.

GoKart Electric Trolley

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7 Comments on “Get a free GoKart this Easter”

  • 7. Robert Bell Says:

    I bought my GoKart last year .Spent a lot of time playing golf over winter, had problems with front wheel clogging up.E mail to supplier and replacement sent to me return post. Brilliant . So much so I live in Scotland and my daughter who resides in Isle of Man was home recently,
    on her return home has purchased a GoKart and is totally fully impressed. Top marks to your company.

  • 6. Larry St Croix Says:

    As you know I mentioned in my prevoius note that I would be using my GoKart for the first time today and it was just simply great!
    There was lots of interest and questions from other golfers so the Go Kart was certainly admired by all. The post cards you sent came in handy and was able to hand them out to those who were interested during my game of golf today. Now I’ve run out of postcards you could send me more if you wish (my address will be on your system but make sure it ‘s my own home address and not the delivery address).
    Getting back to the GoKart. The assembly was easy and the battery just dropped into place as expected. It worked with ease leaving me with more energy left after my game than usual and that’s important when you’re approaching 60. The important thing is it felt good and I was proud to show it off with utmost confidence and satisfaction.
    By the way my golf did not improve too much but I will not hold GoKart responsible at all.
    Thanks a lot.
    Larry St Croix

  • 5. Larry St Croix Says:

    Received my Kart today and can’t wait to give it its first run tomorrow (well almost today). It looks as good if not better than I thought and feel proud to have made my choice to own a GoKart golf trolley.
    It’s will no doubt be the best birthday present I will have recieved – thanks to my wonderful wife.
    I’ll be keeping in touch to see how things progress.
    Thanks again to all concerned.
    Kindest regards,
    Larry St Croix

  • 4. Ronnie Logan Says:

    What a fantastic service! I ordered 2 trollies yesterday late am and they arrived just after 9am today. They were even charged up. Congrats to you all – a truly good company.

  • 3. Larry St Croix Says:

    Hi to all at GoKart,
    Well it’s my 60th birthday this year and it’s time I got a decent golf trolley.
    So I’ve searched and searched and at last I am more than pleased to identify a company that offers what the customer really wants – good sound product and a service to be reckoned with. In fact I’m so excited I must have looked at your website at least a dozen times already just this weekend.
    You will probably get my message on Monday morning whilst I’m playing golf (07.00 start) but I will certainly be in touch to place my order as soon as I arrive home.
    I’ve just started to get involved with competitions so the trolley will most definitely be an asset to me, as well as the onlookers, as I’m sure it will give me an added advantage and incentive to win. So I look forward to being in touch on Monday to discuss payment and delivery.
    By the way my choice will be blue but with a black battery cover – good for matching my bag.
    Kind regards,
    Larry St Croix

  • 2. GoKart Says:

    Thanks Keith

  • 1. Keith Says:

    The clocks go forwards on Sunday, not back