Talk nicely to your ball…

Jun 27 2016

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Martin Vousden on the 2016 US Open

Jun 20 2016

Thought for the Day
Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.

That was fun
You can’t beat a good rules controversy to get the argumentative juices flowing – or in Colin Montgomerie’s case, see you reduced to a red-faced, spluttering, outraged Colonel Blimp – and the USGA has just served up a lulu.

For those of you who couldn’t stay awake long enough to see the conclusion of the US Open, winner Dustin Johnson was served with a one-stroke penalty, presumably because he was deemed to have moved his ball while addressing it on the 5th green of the final round. I say ‘presumably’ because TV footage, and this must be the evidence that the USGA relied on to make its decision, showed very clearly that Johnson was not to blame – his ball moved spontaneously, something that happened at least twice more earlier in the week to other players. It occurred before Dustin grounded his club behind the ball and therefore, according to the rules, he had not addressed it, and you can only be deemed to have moved the ball if you have addressed it.

GoKart Electric Golf Trolley

What TV footage also showed is that the ball rotated slightly backwards (that is, away from the hole and towards Johnson’s putter) and in several decades of golf viewing and playing I have yet to see that happen as a result of contact with a club. So the USGA seems to think that the new US Open champion is not only a very skilled golfer but is also able to (more…)

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Bryan Brothers Trick Shots

Jun 13 2016

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