RIP Christy O’Connor

May 16 2016

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Martin Vousden on Ladies Golf

May 10 2016

Thought for the Day
The only normal people you know are the ones you don’t know very well

Where are the wimmin’?
With the inevitability of day following night, Lee Westwood missing a putt or Ian Poulter saying something daft, our attention will once again be focussed on the status of women in golf because this year’s Open is being staged at Royal Troon. This venerable and, dare we say it, backward-looking venue has a limited membership policy so we will once again be obliged to consider and debate the role of women in this game we love so much. But despite our affection for hitting a small ball around several acres of well-manicured landscape, it is difficult sometimes not to feel embarrassed, or to defend some of the ‘traditions’ of the game – such as exclusive membership policies.


Even the R&A has bowed to the inevitable, albeit a century or so late, and admitted women members but there still remains the odd throwback, such as Royal Troon, to remind us that all is not well. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. The reality is that we all have the right to (more…)

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