20 Best Shots in the 2016 Ryder Cup

Oct 11 2016

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Martin Vousden on the Ryder Cup Yobs

Oct 11 2016

Thought for the Day
No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying

The elephant in the room
For several years, if not decades, we have commented on the unacceptable behaviour of some golf fans, particularly at the Ryder Cup, but always with the caveat: ‘But it’s only a small minority of offenders.’ It’s now time to recognise that, while still not in the majority, the numbers of people willing to shout crude, asinine and offensive remarks is increasing year-by-year and there is now a pressing need to take effective action. If the golf authorities and those who host and police competitions do not, something good will be lost forever.

It is also time to recognise that the problem is at its worst in the Ryder Cup, and especially so when it is held in America. Commentators such as myself have tried our hardest to be unbiased and report that European (which often means British) fans’ behaviour at this biennial contest is not always exemplary, and we have been loath to point out what has now become blindingly obvious – American galleries take rude, crude, nauseating abuse to new depths. For example, Rory McIlroy walking onto the tee during his singles match with Patrick Reed, to be greeted with the cry: ‘Rory, go suck a dick’. That wouldn’t be excusable in a late-night drinking den for dockers and is completely out of order at a golf event. And it was emphatically not an isolated incident.

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The PGA of America in particular has to face up to the fact that the three most raucous Ryder Cups, in which personal abuse hurled at players was most prominent, have all been in held in the States, on its watch.

In 1991 we had the War on the Shore at Kiawah Island, in which Corey Pavin wore a Desert Storm camouflage cap and Paul Azinger, ridiculously said: ‘We went over there and thumped the Iraqis. Now we’ve (more…)

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Oct 03 2016

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Oct 03 2016

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