Top 5 shots of the week on the PGA

Aug 31 2015

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Lucky bounces

Aug 24 2015

Worth a look, if only to see Roger Maltbie’s fashion sense…

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Top 5 shots of the week on the PGA Tour

Aug 10 2015

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Vousden on Lineker, Match Play and Powerful Sports Stars

Aug 03 2015

Thought for the Day
Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you

Lineker out of line
Immediately after The Open, Gary Lineker had a pop at the R&A, accusing its officials, in effect, of being arrogant, patrician snobs. In an interview with the Golf Paper he said: ‘I think the R&A have always been very difficult to deal with. They live in a world where it seems they feel they are superior beings.

‘They are old school. They are born from an era which gives them entitlement which the rest of us aren’t. I felt that pomposity when I got the job [as presenter]. Now they have taken the Open away from the BBC for a few pence extra. For me that is going to be a very damaging decision for golf. It’s a shame because the sport is struggling as it is. It’s badly run.’

With regard to the snobbery, I see what he means but think he’s mistaken. There’s no doubt that the blazered officials of the R&A meet a certain stereotype – middle class, often public-school educated and showing that smooth urbanity often evident in those who come from a more privileged background. It is difficult to think of one official I have met who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps from an unpromising start or background. But that doesn’t mean they are ill-mannered, aloof or behave as if they (more…)

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