How Poulter normally sounds…

Jun 08 2015

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Vousden Trumps…

Jun 07 2015

Thought for the Day
The early worm gets eaten by the bird, so sleep late

The Fat Lady is singing
It is always risky to write off great champions because they earn their reputation by achieving things that others can only dream about. They demonstrate the ability to consistently surprise and enthral us, so relegating them to the ranks of has-beens risks derision when they storm back from unfamiliar mediocrity to yet another victory or outstanding performance.

But does anyone with any humanity want to continue watching Tiger Woods’ remorseless decline? The 85 he shot at Muirfield Village last week in The Memorial was not only his worst score as a pro but almost as agonising to watch as it must have been to experience. Tournament host Jack Nicklaus has said he believes Tiger will ‘figure it out’ and much as I am loathe to disagree with the man whose tenure as the world’s greatest golfer looks set to continue for a few more years at least, I think he’s wrong.

GoKart Electric Golf Trolley

Whatever happened to square headed drivers?
In 2006 Callaway reported that its tour players Phil Mickelson and Michael Campbell were testing the Fusion FT-i and FT-i Tour; the company’s much heralded square-headed drivers. They were following a path first trod by Nike, with its Sasquatch Sumo 2 but these two manufacturing giants were not alone – just about every golf equipment company came out with its own version of the square driver, alongside their existing range of classic, teardrop shaped heads. You may well have bought one but where is it now?

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