Vousden on the Masters

Apr 20 2015

Thought for the Day
All those who believe in psycho-kinesis, raise someone else’s hand

Precocious Youth
In truth the last day of the Masters wasn’t particularly exciting because every time someone closed the gap on Jordan Spieth he responded immediately, so that the cushion between him and the rest remained agreeably comfortable. But once he holed that winning putt it was enjoyable to see him show some real emotion. His standard of play over the last 18 months has been so consistent, and his facial expression while going about his work so unchanging, that we could be forgiven for thinking that he was an automaton.

The Japanese have perfected a range of robots that look startlingly authentic and watching Jordan Spieth churn out round after round of sub-par golf did make me wonder whether they had managed to produce an android that could play golf. His metronomic efficiency has seemed, at times, to be almost too good to be true, as did his capacity to finish high up the leaderboard week after week. It is well-known, for example, that being in contention for a golf tournament is mentally draining, which is why it is pretty unusual to see a golfer win, or even contend, in consecutive weeks.

Jordan Spieth

And yet, Jordan’s record over the last four weeks is 1st, 2nd, lost a playoff, 1st. Not only that, but in his first two appearances at Augusta National his record is T2, 1st, which is not too shabby. One last statistic, in the 81-year history of the Masters, Spieth becomes only the 5th golfer to (more…)

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