Martin Vousden. Tiger not exactly lapping it up.

Nov 27 2014

Thought for the Day:
How is it that ‘self help’ books are all written by somebody else?

Oh dear, Tiger
Despite having played no competitive golf since the US PGA Championship in August, Tiger Woods still manages to generate headlines. First, he announced on his Twitter feed that he was working with a relatively unknown golf coach called Chris Como, a 36-year-old based in Texas. He has a Masters degree in biomechanics, so may well be the person to help Tiger get a few more competitive years out of a body that, in recent seasons, has been collapsing under the physical stress, tension and trauma he puts it through because of the violence with which he attacks the ball.

But in typically perverse Tiger style he has not said directly that Como is his coach but rather describes him thus: ‘Happy to have Chris Como consulting and working with me on my swing.’ So we’re presumably to call Como a consultant rather than coach.

But Tiger has also managed to embroil himself in of those pointless and brainless spats that people in the public eye are prone to do. It started when Golf Digest writer Dan Jenkins contributed a parody of an ‘interview’ with Woods to his magazine’s website. It was clearly labelled ‘My (Fake) Interview with Tiger’ and imagined what might have been said if he had ever had the chance of a (more…)

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Outdrive John Daly? Well can you? (no we can’t either)

Nov 13 2014

But it’s fun to have a go. And on Thursday 20th November the rather wonderful Mr. Daly is going to be at Pedham Place Golf Centre for an evening of questions and answers and obscenely long hitting.

John Daly is one of golf’s natural talents. No question about that. Double Major winner  and a massive character who has always done things his own way. Here at GoKart we do rather like Different. And Mr. Daly is definitely, defiantly different. We are very much going to be there. If you live in this neck of the woods, it’s one not to miss. Pedham Place Golf Centre is at Swanley and very accessible straight off the M20 and M25. Tickets are very limited and cost £49.50 available from Pedham Place Golf Centre.

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Martin Vousden being unusually nice about Ian Poulter? How odd.

Nov 03 2014

Thought for the Day:
The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement

Distressing, Disorientating Dissonance
I find myself in the unusual and not entirely welcome position of agreeing with Ian Poulter. We all like to have a few certainties in our life – that the sun will rise in the morning, toast will always fall butter side down, and Liverpool FC will find ever more inventive ways of causing its fans to despair (Mario Balotelli, I ask you). So whenever Poulter takes to the Twittersphere I can be confident he will say something so crass that I can happily hold him up to ridicule – not that he gives a tinker’s cuss what I think. This time however, in taking the president of the US PGA to task, I think he was spot on.

It all started when Poulter criticised the Ryder Cup captaincy of both Tom Watson last month, and Nick Faldo in 2008 – perfectly reasonable opprobrium as they were both disasters. Ted Bishop, showing his unerring ability to grasp the wrong end of the (more…)

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Snap up a bargain with our Lithium Offer!

Nov 01 2014

02/01/15; Offer now ended.

From 1st November until January 2015 you can save up to £60 on a GoKart electric trolley with lithium battery. Click here to buy.

GoKart Electric Golf Trolley

The lithium set is available in two flavours; 18 hole (saving £40) and 36 hole (saving £60). The benefits of lithium are their longer life (we offer a 5 year limited warranty) and their weight. At just 2.6 kg they are much more convenient to take around the place. When we designed the GoKart, convenience and ease of use was very much at the forefront of our minds. The lithium option really enhances these aspects of the trolley. Whilst lead acid is obviously cheaper, we feel it’s rather like putting a concrete block on a racehorse…

So now you can bag yourself a British designed and manufactured, quality trolley with lithium battery for just £359. We think that’s plain and simple excellent value for money.

You can order right here and your new GoKart can be with you in a couple of days.

This offer applies whether you buy it direct from us or through one of our approved suppliers (in which case you’d pay the full price and then receive a cashback upon returning a voucher and registering your ownership with us).

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