We are chuffed beyond bits.

Aug 30 2013

Every now and again we get a charity request that simply can’t be ignored. Like Chestnut Tree House, a hospice supporting very sick kids in Sussex and Hampshire. Seriously, just watch this film and try carrying on with your day normally.

Anyway, at the Ed Giddins golf day at Wentworth yesterday, with Chestnut Tree House as the named charity, there was a GoKart in the auction prizes, and due to the generosity of a bunch of lovely (and probably rather well oiled by that point in proceedings) gentlemen, the trolley managed to raise a whopping great £1,500. We are so pleased.

You can donate straight to the website.  For the cost of the new Titleists you got through last month you can make a difference.


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Two customer comments that rather sum things up…

Aug 27 2013

“I would just like to say the trolley is fantastic,it was out the box and on the course in 40mins, Lasted  easily the 18 holes. Played 24 today and it breezed it, looks great, everyone loves the style. Never had an electric trolley before, makes the game so much easier.”  Andy K.

“I am making the assumption that my newly serviced GoKart (just returned) will operate as it has for the previous 4 years, if so this is the BEST SERVICE on ANYTHING I have ever owned in the past nearly 70 years. Collected on time, delivered on time and presumably serviced 100%. it looks new again. I am sure I will be a customer till I pop me clogs.” John S.

GoKart electric golf trolley


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Ready, steady go…

Aug 14 2013

The line up at the Vale of Leven golf course yesterday.

1) why hasn’t the black one got a driver?
2) where can we get a head cover like the one on the right?
3) who won?

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Whatever next?

Aug 14 2013

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Par 3 or not to 3!

Aug 06 2013

The latest in our instructional blogs from Steve Mitchell PGA, head Professional at Etchinghill Golf Club, Kent.

“Golfers spend a lot of time on a driving range perfecting their tee shots. Good.
This is then taken to the golf course and, if executed correctly, should leave the golfer with an approach shot to the green.  Does golf then become a Par 3 competition?
Well yes, pretty much.

The skills of playing par 3s well include sound distance control, strategic play and a good, solid straight shot. The latter part can be practised on the driving range along with tee shots, but where can you go to really practice distance control and shot making in ‘true’ conditions? However good the driving range is, is it always a bit tricky to see exactly where the balls land and finish in relation to any distance markers. The back fence is apparently “reached” more often than not for this reason alone!

So where can we practice distance control and shot selection? You’ll find that there is nearly always a Par 3 course or Academy course near you, where you should be practising this. This has huge advantages over the driving range too; using your own ball, hitting from grass, realistic sized targets as well as having the opportunity to convert any birdies or up and down any loose shots – exactly what you will do on every hole during a round of golf. It’s also a relatively quick way of playing compared to the usual four or four and a half hours that a full round tends to take. Nine holes takes about an hour, less on your own.  You can learn a lot in that hour!

Etchinghill Golf Club in Folkestone has recently opened an Academy Course which  enables you to work on all of these very important elements of your game.  As a coach I see it as an invaluable facility for helping students improve and take their game forward. It’s a perfect practice course. But explore the par 3 courses where you live, I bet you’ll find an undiscovered gem!

Par 3 courses can no doubt be an excellent training ground for the newer golfer, but they can also be an ideal situation for friends and families of all levels to compete. Add to this the benefits they can deliver for more experienced golfers too and they’re very much a part of the golfing equation.  If you haven’t already tried playing one, I’d suggest you give it a go.”

Etchinghill Golf Club Gokart Electric Golf



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Naked wrinklies and other observations from Martin V. Don’t look if you’re eating (especially if it’s unhealthy).

Aug 05 2013

Thought for the Day
Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened

The naked truth
Gary Player has received a lot of attention for posing nude for the ESPN Body Issue, and it has to be admitted, he has a remarkable physique for a 77-year-old (see below). His pictures even attracted more hits than those of 20-year-old Scottish Golfer Carly Booth. But whenever I hear Gary talk about health, fitness or his dietary regime I am reminded of the American golfer Dave Hill who said of the South African: (more…)

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