We can feel a bit of a handicap tumble coming on…

Feb 27 2013

We got this message from a very new customer who’s just taken delivery of his shiny new GoKart lithium. Here’s his report after his first round out;
“Just returned from my first outing with my lithium trolley (first electric trolley) ever. What a different game!!!! It was like having a caddie, all I did was keep on line every now and then… Very pleasant to walk 18 holes feeling fresh for the whole round and totally enjoyable, not that it wasn’t before! Its just different now!

To cap it all I shot 2 under gross off yellow tees, so all in all very pleased!!!”

With thanks to Adam D from Hinckley. A very tidy (currently) 5 h/cap golfer who may be picking up a bit of silver this summer…

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Martin Vousden warming up for the 2013 season

Feb 21 2013

Thought for the Day:
Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don’t have film

Almost there
With the greatest respect to all those involved in the Africa and Northern Trust Opens, which have just concluded on the European and US Tours respectively, the phoney war has ended and the real business is about to start. This week sees the first significant event of the year, the WGC-Accenture Matchplay Championship in Arizona. Its importance can be easily determined by the quality of the field it attracts, and for the first time in several months we have the world numbers one and two, Rory and Tiger, teeing up at the same venue. They are, of course, at the start of the early-season schedule that they hope will get their games in tune for the Masters, which is only eight weeks away. It strikes me as odd, though, that they choose to come out of hibernation for a matchplay event. These are so unpredictable and, in many ways, more difficult to win. Play your best golf and shoot a scorching 64, but meet an opponent who is one stroke better and you’re on the plane to the next venue.
Oh well, ours not to reason why.

Oh Dear
A friend assures me this is absolutely true. A pal of his is a keen golfer but not, how shall I put this, the most literate man in the world. Nevertheless he was delighted when his wife (more…)

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Quick advert for the Scottish Tourist Board

Feb 21 2013

With thanks to Linda C from Kinross – who’s reminding us that there is a blue sky and maybe even dry fairways at the end of the tunnel..

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Days getting lighter with lithium option. At a special price!

Feb 14 2013

This Spring we’re offering a terrific deal on a GoKart with lithium battery and charger. Buy a set between now and May 1st and you’ll get a whacking great £60 discount (or equivalent cashback voucher if you buy through your local Pro).

Our lithium battery is super-light (at just 2.5kg compared to the 6.5kg lead acid weight), charges in no time at all (a battery can charge in as little as 2 hours), and has a much longer life expectancy than a normal battery. The range is at least 27 holes, 36 depending on the course and conditions.

The price for the standard trolley and lithium option is usually £459 – so now just £399 with your discount, or £499 (£439) for the Automatic.

Order through your local Pro or our webshop here.

You can also use a lithium battery on your existing GoKart, and we’ve come up with a good price for that too – just £199 delivered for the battery and special charger. It fits onto your trolley in exactly the same way, and can also be ordered through your Pro or in our shop here.

Offer runs until May 1st 2013 or while stocks last.

GoKart lithium battery

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For Valentines day. Some things are just right together.

Feb 14 2013

Eggs and bacon
Torvill and Dean
Marks and Spencer
Mulder and Scully
Ben and Jerry
Fish and Chips
Wallace and Grommit
Sooty and Sweep
One man and his dog
Homer and Marge
Gin and Tonic
Lennon and Macartney

GoKart and lithium battery.

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Yoga for Golf week two. Get that stretch going!

Feb 11 2013

Today we’re thinking about correct breathing, and give you couple of poses that stretch you and strengthen your arms and core. You’ll be in sixpack country before you know it (the muscley one as opposed to the Fosters type…)
Don’t forget to do the warm up from lesson one first! You can find it here

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