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May 18 2012

Thought for the Day:
If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain

We need to talk about Kevin
Those of you who watched Kevin Na’s extraordinary performance at the Players’ Championship will probably have one of two possible reactions – acute annoyance towards someone who needs to buck up, or deep sympathy for a soul in torment because he has developed a pre-shot routine that takes longer to complete than a Colin Montgomerie press conference. I find myself leaning towards the sympathetic end of the spectrum. For those who didn’t see him, a quick recap. At its worst, his routine consists of seven waggles (you can’t stop yourself from counting them), a full swing in which the clubhead swishes over the ball, a step back, step forward and re-address the ball (while the caddy moves in behind to check the player’s alignment), several more waggles and then the swing itself which, more often than not, sends the ball straight down the fairway. Watching all of this is like being allowed into an experimental psychiatric facility, where bizarre behaviour is encouraged in order to study it and hopefully find a cure. It is reminiscent of Sergio Garcia a few years ago when he gripped and re-gripped his club to such an extent that you feared he would develop a repetitive strain injury. Not surprisingly but with enormous disappointment I noticed that the reaction of some in the gallery was as wantonly cruel as it had been to Garcia. In his case they counted out loud as the number of re-grips escalated. With Na, they simply shouted things like ‘Hit the ball’ while he was still halfway through his tormented drill. Is this kind of malicious delight in someone else’s (more…)

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Phil Harvey at the TT

May 13 2012

Further to our earlier post, Phil’s TT preparations are well underway. Slight snag at the moment, he’s lost the owners manual. Anyone know where the big noisy bit goes?

GoKart electric golf trolley

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Martin Vousden – lefties rule!

May 11 2012

Thought for the Day
Money isn’t everything – but it does make sure your children stay in touch

There’ll be another along in a minute
Left-handed major winners are like the apocryphal London buses – you wait ages for one to appear and then a whole bunch turn up together. We had to be patient for 103 years before anointing the first left-handed winner of a major championship, when Bob Charles took the 1963 Open, over a century after the first major championship was held in 1860. And for we golf writers with a limited memory and even more limited originality, he was always referred to as ‘the only left-handed major winner in history.’ Certain bits of information attach themselves to certain players and we’re never allowed to forget them because lazy scribes find the words flowing from their fingers unbidden, and once they’re on the page or computer screen it’s too late to take them back because we get paid by the word. Robert Lee, the Sky TV golf presenter once made the mistake, during an interview early in his career, of mentioning that when he was out for a social evening he liked to dance. For the remainder of his days as a touring pro golfer he was ‘disco-dancing Robert Lee.’ Similarly, Costantino Rocca would always remain ‘the man who beat Tiger Woods in Ryder Cup singles,’ and Nick Faldo would be forever labelled ‘miserable git.’

After Bob Charles’ breakthrough we had to wait a further 40 years before he was joined by a second lefty – Mike Weir who took the 2003 Masters. But then just 12 months later, Phil Mickelson won the first of his four majors and now Bubba Watson is  (more…)

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Anyone play in the rain yesterday?

May 10 2012

On with those waterproofs, we say.  What’s a bit of wet?  So if you were feeling a bit self-satisfied having ducked and draked it around your local yesterday – just calm that  smugness down a bit.  GoKart owner Steve Ackling played 90, yes 90 holes in it all.  And that’s just the beginning…

Steve is Captain at Charnwood Forest where Harry Flude, a Charnwood member, managed to play 150 holes in 14 hours in 1913.  So for Steve’s Captain’s charity this year he’s going to recreate Flude’s blister inducing day.  Well with the aid of his trusty GoKart, of course.

According to records; “Remarkably, Flude’s speed did not impact his scoring with 51 pars and nine birdies recorded with an average of gross 46 for each round of nine holes.”

Steve did send us a photo proving that he was still fit after 90, but strangely he didn’t say anything about his score….

Quick update – we’ve been reliably informed that yesterday Mr. A managed 36 pars and his average score for each 9 was 41 (1 over his h/cap). Not bad, not bad at all…

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