£38 of accessories for FREE!

Jun 24 2011

UPDATE 01/08/11. Sorry, this offer has ended now. You can still take advantage of our £20 off ‘bundle offer’ when you buy a GoKart with two accessories. Click here for more details

For a very limited time, we’re giving away our two most popular accessories with every new GoKart electric golf trolley.

Worth £38 (ROI €48), an umbrella holder and transit bag are included completely free with every trolley ordered before 31st July 2011 (while stocks last).

British designed and made, the GoKart has always been good value, but now it’s simply unbeatable.

To order, please got to our web shop, and put both items in your shopping kart, along with a trolley, and you’ll only be charged the price of a GoKart. We must be mad.

GoKart electric golf trolley umbrella holderGoKart electric golf trolley transit bag

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FAQs. Do we use child labour? Well yes, occasionally.

Jun 23 2011

And only if they’re having fun, which young Bethan most definitely is. Thankyou to Grandad Brian Slater for the photo. Bethan when are you going to learn to play golf? We want to make you a spotty GoKart!

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Martin Vousden in an Open frame of mind

Jun 23 2011

Thought for the Day
Never accept a drink from an urologist

Youth is wasted on the young
It was Lee Trevino, inevitably, who came up with a quote that kept repeating itself in my head as I watched young Rory stroll to a stunning US Open victory. The Merry Mexican once hung on for a win in which he had led from start to finish and was congratulated on successfully implementing his strategy. He said: ‘No, my game plan was to get so far ahead that I could choke like a dog and still win.’ Rory of course, to everyone’s delight, not least my own, didn’t choke at all and in light of his experience at the Masters, that really is almost too remarkable for words. It was Ernest Hemingway who famously defined guts as being ‘grace under pressure’ and if he is to be believed then McIlroy has guts in spades.

GoKart electric golf trolley

I was reminded of another quote, which came from an American journalist in advance of the final round of the 1993 Open Championship at Royal St George’s. Greg Norman, who had had more disappointments in majors than I have had with four-foot putts, was leading going into the final round, and had people of the quality of (more…)

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Sainsburys get it very right.

Jun 23 2011

We’re big fans of looking after customers, so when we saw the story about the little girl who wrote to them and got a proper reply, it made us smile;

GoKart Electric Golf Trolley likes this letter

Sainsburys letter on GoKart electric golf trolley site

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Who put the ‘O’ in GoKart?

Jun 21 2011

Thank you to Premier Signs of St Nicholas at Wade. We’re no longer known as G Kart round these parts.

GoKart Electric Golf Trolley

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Martin Vousden just back from the bookies.

Jun 06 2011

Thought for the Day
Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?

If it ain’t broke, time to fix it
With the US Open due to start in just over a week it is inevitable that thoughts turn towards the likely contenders yet one name that should be mentioned but will not feature in any list of likely winners is that of Padraig Harrington. Ever since winning three majors in the space of 13 months, the last of which was the 2008 US PGA Championship, the genial, articulate and very likeable Irishman has disappeared down the world rankings quicker than Rory McIlroy can miss a four-foot putt. Since then he has struggled not only to win but to even register his name on the leaderboard and when someone of his ability and experience struggles to make the top-10 in run-of-the-mill tournaments, it is clear that he has a significant problem. And that problem, of course, is that he decided to re-build his swing. (more…)

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