Royal Wedding

Apr 29 2011

In case you were on the golf course today, here are the highlights

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Martin Vousden – appreciating Tiger’s sunnier side

Apr 20 2011

Thought for the Day:
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment

The smile of the Tiger
While watching the Masters it suddenly occurred to me what has been missing from tournament golf for the last 17 months or so – Tiger Woods’ smile. Never the most gabby or light-hearted of competitors, he could nevertheless turn on that high-octane grin and in consequence his face, and those of the people around him, would light up. With his private life becoming public knowledge, and having lost his wife, day-to-day contact with his children and, it seems, his golf swing, it is no surprise that this most reserved and guarded of men could find little to smile about when he started, and continued, to play like a donkey. So even if it is only making a sporadic appearance, for me at least, it’s good to see the smile back.

Smiling Tiger on GoKart electric golf trolleys

The Eagle has landed
A new movie, The Eagle, opened in Britain a few weeks ago. It is about a Roman legion that is defeated, and loses its standard, the eagle, in the process. The title has had to be changed from the original The Eagle of the Ninth because (more…)

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This is eggactly what you need this weekend

Apr 18 2011

With a couple of long weekends coming up, our golfing diaries are getting pleasantly piled up. Combine that with (potentially) a bit of decent weather and woohoooo!

So, if you haven’t already got one, now is a really good time to take the next step and order your GoKart. If you order up until about 2.30 on Wednesday 20th we’ll get it to you in time for the long weekend.

Maybe the sunshine has got to us prematurely but we see this as the real start of the good golfing season, when you stand a decent chance of leaving off a few jumpers and getting that backswing really working.

So, don’t hang about and we can have you with wheels before the Easter Bunny makes an appearance.

GoKart electric golf trolley

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In case you were wondering…

Apr 11 2011

…yes, the GoKart will fit into an R8. That’s two reasons to be happy if you own one.

Electric golf trolleys from GoKart

Electric golf carts from GoKart

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Martin Vousden. Firmly on the edge of his seat.

Apr 11 2011

Thought for the Day
Always drink upstream from the herd

Magnificent, monumental Masters
It’s just as well that all major championships aren’t as exciting as this year’s Masters because I don’t think my heart could cope. The tournament was the very definition of sporting drama as new and different but equally exciting scenarios rolled across our screens in rapid succession and if you wrote the events of Sunday at Augusta as a film script you would be laughed out of every big studio for having far too fanciful an imagination.

We had the great but faded champion storming back to reassert his alpha credentials as Tiger Woods – impossibly adrift at the beginning of the day – put on one of his patented charges over the front nine. Sadly, of course, as has been the way for 18 months now, he still remembers what it’s like to be Tiger but not for 18 or 72 holes.

Then we had the young guns, trying to emphasise what has become ever more apparent over the last decade, that the old cliché of golfers not reaching their prime until well into their 30s is deader than a dodo – these days they hit the ground running in their nappies and (more…)

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Good question…

Apr 11 2011

“I’m charging my battery upside down. Is this OK?”
Keith P
Sydney, Australia

GoKart electric golf trolley

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