Golf Magic Awards

May 27 2008

Ooooh it’s posh frocks and tuxedo time (please, no!) Truthfully, we’re more likely to turn up in our studs…

Golf Magic, the online golf forum, are holding their annual awards, and we’ve been nominated. Not just one category (best golf trolley) but TWO (more…)

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Links golf is the only real golf…

May 25 2008

According to the votes cast on the GoKart website, 70% of golfers say this is rubbish, which means 30% of voters are masochists who enjoy horizontal rain, seeing their perfect drives kick at right angles into the goulash and getting sand where it was never supposed to be. But who also get most fun playing their favorite game in the midst of a natural wilderness, that has remained pretty much the same since the game was invented.

We can understand that.

Royal St Georges

But if you’re the other side of the pond and you do want to get kitted up for sideways rain, there’s a whole range of accessories at Worldwide Golf Shops.

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US Open Trivia

May 20 2008

The US Open is being played at Torrey Pines golf course in San Diego. Here’s a link to a page with all lots of info on this years title, and below are a few snippets that caught our eye.

1. Harry Vardon was due to travel to play in 1912 when a dose of tuberculosis made him cancel his trip. He was booked on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.Harry Vardon


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GoKart opens up shop in Europe

May 18 2008

GoKart in Europe

The GoKart is now available throughout Europe via our Dutch based company GoKart Europe BV. We’ve shone our Edams, polished our lederhosen, buffed our berets and we’re good to go!

The new European HQ is in Oosterhout, Holland, and the GoKart has already made quite a mark with early sales exceeding expectations.

Europe has its own web site – you can contact them with questions about European sales here

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Pick the US Open winner and win a GoKart

May 15 2008


Well what do you know, another burst of tournament golf on telly to get our grips all slippery; the US Open. So we’ll be opening the betting again.

We’re giving away a GoKart at each of the majors in 2008. As nobody won the first contest to pick the winner of the Masters – we have not one but TWO GoKarts up for grabs. (more…)

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Bring me the head of Sergio Garcia (it’s only a book)

May 10 2008

Here’s the third of our extracts from Tom Cox’s ‘Bring me the head of Sergio Garcia’. Thoughts of pro golf are proving to be irresistible…

“I suppose it’s possible that, had things not happened the way they did that weekend, all this “Should I have a go at being a pro?’ might have drifted away, only to be remembered as a brief, fading-youth-related freak-out. Or maybe not. All I know is that the day following my party, after the final sleepover guests had staggered away, I had a visceral urge to hit some shots. (more…)

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