What colour suits you?

Mar 28 2008

We introduced some new colours for the GoKart about a month ago, and thought you might like to know what’s selling. There’s one colour that is overwhelmingly top of the charts, but each has plenty of fans so don’t worry, Ladies and Gents, we’re not about to ditch the pink…

GoKart colour split

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What would you like to know?

Mar 27 2008

No not about the Meaning of Life, is there any point in Mah Jong or where to find semolina in Sainsburys – but what more information would you like us to give you when you’re deciding whether to buy?

What could we add to the website to make it more useful?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find out everything that’s important to you, as fast and simply as we can. So we’re asking for experts to help us … you!

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Awareness Test

Mar 20 2008

How observant are you…

It fooled us

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“I don’t look like I should play golf….”

Mar 18 2008

…says Tom Cox, our favourite golf writer; author of ‘Nice Jumper’ and ‘Bring me the head of Sergio Garcia’.

Tom has very kindly given us permission to feature sections of his books here on the blog. Not as a substitute for going and and buying them of course, but more to whet your appetite for golfing fodder during dark evenings and sideways rain afternoons.

Tom is rather an unusual golfer, as you’ll gather from his writing. Discovering golf in his early teens (‘Nice Jumper’), he abruptly veered off the fairway and gave up when success was a short putt away. After eight years in denial of his addiction, the game proved impossible to resist and he was back swinging dervishly, with a degree of success that pointed him towards the pro ranks, just to see what would happen (‘Bring me the head…’). We won’t tell you the outcome, you’ll have to read it…And if you want to read it quicker than our regular excerpts allow, you can get both books on Amazon here.

So settle down, and here’s a bit of a scene setter for Mr.Cox’s great adventure in ‘Sergio';

“Sometimes I think none of this would have happened if I hadn’t met Jerry. At other times I think it was all down to the most perfect eight-iron of my life, struck one idyllic summer evening on the Norfolk-Suffolk border. At other times I just blame it all on Sergio Garcia. (more…)

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Mar 18 2008

…To John C. from Salisbury who is the lucky winner of our battery for life competition. John, who now has a VIP mark on his account details, was understandably thrilled. We gather the trolley is actually his wife’s and that the prize sorts out rather a lot of anniversary presents!

Now John, do you really think you’re going to get away with that?

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to send us their feedback. We were a bit inundated with it all, and more than a bit suprised at both the volume and level of enthusiasm for our baby. Please don’t restrict your feedback to when we ask, we’re always delighted to hear from owners. Cyberspace is lonely without a bit of customer contact!

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Simon’s Cat

Mar 14 2008

Ha ha…

(Thank you John H)

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