GoKart Photoshoot

Feb 29 2008

Here’s a few behind the scenes pictures at a recent photoshoot. Our model is John Benning
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Earthquake – whose fault was it?

Feb 27 2008

We have a conspiracy theory. If you join a line between particularly good golf courses and the places where the Earthquake hit, you’ll find that it was golf induced. (more…)

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Magazine ad for the colours

Feb 26 2008

Here’s the magazine for the new colour GoKarts

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Shocking service.

Feb 24 2008

“I am the kind of customer who demands good service, the kind who won’t let poor service or a poor product pass. To be perfectly honest I can be a demanding pain in the backside. (more…)

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This week’s merit badge for best essay

Feb 23 2008

“My GoKart by Eric B. aged 46 and a half
My GoKart is absolutely Fab.
I brought it last year after spending hundreds of pounds on inferior models. (more…)

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Multi-coloured golf trolleys

Feb 22 2008

We’ll be making pink GoKarts next week. As well as blue, red and green ones. We’re very excited. Last year we were a bit Henry Fordish and gave you a choice of grey with green or grey with er…green. Now you can choose your GoKart to match your favorite socks (as long as they’re red, blue, green or pink). (more…)

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