GoKart 2 year warranty

Dec 26 2008

From January 1st 2009, all GoKarts supplied to UK customers will come with a two year guarantee. As we’re closed now until the 2nd January, this applies to all orders placed from now on.

GoKart 2 year warranty

There are conditions, so here’s the small print – nice and big:

1. The battery is not included. It’s guaranteed for one year only.
2. The second year of the warranty is different to the first year.
3. If something goes wrong in the first year, we will either send you a replacement part, or we’ll collect your trolley and repair it for you. All costs to achieve this will be completely free of charge to you. We pay for everything; shipping, labour and parts.
4. If something goes wrong in the second year, the terms are exactly the same as the first year except we don’t cover the shipping costs. So if we send you a spare part, you would need to pay for the postage and packing (around £4 to £8). If we have to collect your trolley to repair it, you would be charged for the transport costs (around £20 to collect and deliver it back). We cover the cost of labour and components.
5. Who decides whether we send a spare part or collect the trolley for repairs back at the factory? We both do. We can make our recommendation for the easiest solution, but if this means a small amount of screwdrivering on your part, and you’re not happy about that, no problem, back to mama your trolley will come.
6. There’s no extra charge for the extended warranty.

We hope you like the sound of this – it reflects the confidence we have in our product. We designed the GoKart and make it here in our own factory. It’s reliable and durable, and we’re quite prepared to put our money where our mouth is to back this up.

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GoKart front wheel leads the way

Dec 11 2008

Front wheels on electric trolleys are often a problem in winter conditions. Mud can build up around the supporting structure holding the wheel and the base of the bag, causing a bit of clogging. Until now the GoKart was no different, it was even said the GoKart was worse than some. Well, we didn’t waste time arguing, we designed a solution, and it’s now in production. (more…)

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Don’t try this at home

Dec 10 2008

No smirking at the back…

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Get a grip

Dec 09 2008

(Entry updated 20/02/09)

We’ve just introduced an improved version of our wheel. The new tyre has a much more pronounced tread pattern that gives far better grip in slippery conditions. They’re not just for winter use though; they’re a replacement for the old version and are suitable for all year round. All new trolleys will now be fitted with these wheels. (more…)

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